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About E-Dash Mobility

In 2020 we saw what the world looked like with less cars, congestion, pollution. Being lovers of of the outdoors, we dreamt of this continuing into the future... though we knew that as the world would begin to open up again, inevitably, so too would our reliance on fossil fuels.

That was when we decided to help facilitate the move away from conventional modes of transport. From a bedroom in our parent's homes during lockdown, E-Dash Mobility was born.

E-Dash Limited Edition 1 electric scooter outdoors

Why micro mobility is the future

Health - your commutes encompass fresh air and exercise as well as emitting 0 harmful pollutants. Making the air you and your city breaths cleaner.

Finances - we've done the maths here so you don't have to... it costs less to make your regular commute on an ebike or escooter than it does in fuel or public transport.

Environment - 0 greenhouse gases when commuting. That's doing your bit for the environment.

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