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E-Dash Through London: Exploring the Urban Mobility Experience

As part of our new E-Dash Through series, we will be exploring the best locations and routes across the country for you to enjoy your new gadgets.

With the use of electric scooters and bikes on the rise (shock) we thought we’d start by taking a look at some of the best spots across London for the ultimate riding experience.

As mentioned in our previous blog, E-Scooters aren’t entirely road-legal yet, but with sustainable being the buzzword of 2022, we expect to see new laws in place very soon, meaning you can get out there with the world at your disposal.


Kickstarting our top locations is the beautiful Greenwich, home to one of the largest green spaces in Southeast London.

Greenwich Park

Full of culture and creativity, Greenwich has a variety of fun routes for you to enjoy your new E-Dash Limited Edition 1 or your Eleglide T1 Step-Thru Electric Bike – be it a tour of the Royal Park of Greenwich to a quick dash around the O2, there is something for everyone.

Why not head over to Greenwich Market for a quick bite to eat before you set back off?

Big Ben to Richmond Park via the London Wetlands Centre

An ideal route for an E-Bike owner is a start in Central London at the iconic Big Ben, through the southern commons of London to reach the final destination of Richmond Park.

Big Ben

At a total 40km, this route is no easy challenge for any avid cyclist, but I can tell you, on an E-Bike this is going to be very very easy for you, especially riding our freshly stocked Eleglide T1 which has a total of 66 miles of cruising time. This route also takes you through the London Wetlands Centre, a 105-acre open space packed full of wildlife… How about a scenic Sunday trip?

St Katharine’s Dock  

Fancy spotting a yacht and cruising past them on the land equivalent? St Katharine’s Dock offers a luxury cruise on your E-Scooter.

With plenty of paved areas and parks around the dock, there is much to enjoy in this part of the city. Starting to get tired? Head over to White Mulberries for a fresh coffee and pastry before you scoot off again.

Wandsworth Common

For those beginning their journey into E-Bikes and E-Scooters, it can always be a bit nerve-wracking… (I speak from experience – I thought I was going to fly over the handlebars of my E-Scooter when I first rode it) but an ideal location to break in your E-Scooter wheels is Wandsworth Common.

With multiple pathways and plenty of green space, this common makes the ideal training ground for you and your E-Scooter.

This should have given you some new ideas on where to test out your new electric bikes or scooters… If you are interested in joining the growing electric micro-mobility community, click here to take a look at all bikes and scooters we currently have available to purchase.

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