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The best places to ride an electric scooter in Manchester

E-Dash Through Manchester: Insider's Best E-Scooter Rides

Continuing our new E-Dash Through series, we will be exploring the best locations and routes across the country for you to enjoy your escooters.

This time we thought we’d take a look at some of the best spots in Manchester for that ultimate riding experience.

Manchester is a great city for scooter riding, with plenty of interesting places to visit and a good infrastructure for two-wheeled transportation. Here are some of the best places to ride a scooter in Manchester:

  1. The Quays: The area around Salford Quays and MediaCityUK is a fantastic place to explore by scooter, with plenty of wide, well-lit roads and scenic waterfront views.

  2. Heaton Park: This expansive park is one of the largest in Europe and offers plenty of space to ride a scooter, as well as attractions like Heaton Hall and the boating lake.

  3. The Northern Quarter: This hip and vibrant neighborhood is a great place to explore by scooter, with narrow streets, interesting architecture, and plenty of independent shops and cafes.

  4. The canal paths: Manchester is home to a network of canals, and many of them have dedicated paths for cyclists and scooter riders. These paths offer a scenic and relatively quiet alternative to the city's busy roads.

  5. Piccadilly Gardens: This central public square is a popular destination for both visitors and locals, and it's surrounded by shops, restaurants, and other attractions.

Remember to always follow the rules of the road and wear appropriate protective gear when riding a scooter in Manchester.

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