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Protective Riding Gloves

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Our protective gloves are designed for riders seeking both protection and warmth on their rides. Made with insulating materials, they keep your hands warm in colder weather, ensuring thermal comfort throughout your journey.

These gloves offer a protective layer against scrapes and impacts, making them suitable for commuting or off-road adventures. Additionally, they enhance grip for secure handling of the scooter's controls, even in wet conditions. Say goodbye to sweaty palms and slippery handlebars with these reliable gloves.



  • Designed to provide impact protection to the hands, fingers, and knuckles in case of falls or collisions.
  • Reinforced padding on the palm, fingers, and back of the hand for added impact resistance.

Grip and Control:

  • Textured palm and fingers for enhanced grip and control of the handlebars, throttle, and brake levers.

Fit and Comfort:

  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable and snug fit, allowing for dexterity and flexibility while riding.

Reflective Elements:

  • Reflective accents or piping for increased visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing safety during nighttime or dawn/dusk rides.

Impact Absorption:

  • Impact-absorbing foam padding in strategic areas to cushion against vibrations and road shocks, reducing hand fatigue.
Technical Support

We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your product. Our dedication extends beyond the warranty period, as we provide ongoing technical support even after it has expired. Please visit our warranty page to learn more about our coverage.


Our standard delivery timeframe for your orders is usually 3-6 working days. While we strive to deliver within this timeframe, there might be occasional instances where it may take a couple of extra days. However, we are proud to mention that, in most cases, our delivery process is even faster.

  • We prioritise your peace of mind when you choose to purchase from us. That's why we have attentive customer service, warranties, and a UK repair centre.

Warranty coverage:

  • All main scooter parts such as: headlight, taillight ,charger, frame, front fork, handlebars, and stem (1-year warranty period).
  • Battery (6-month warranty period).

Please note that the warranty does not cover:

  • Issues arising from normal wear and tear and general use of the e-scooter.

Please refer to our dedicated warranty page for more details on our warranty process.


Our full-finger gloves strike the perfect balance between flexibility and protection.


Stay safe during night rides with our all-season gloves featuring reflective materials.


WARNING: It is illegal to use an e-scooter on a public highway or other prohibited space (e.g. roads, pavements, cycle lanes), and should only be used on private land with the permission of the land owner.

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